Complaints/Grievances and Appeals

Click here to submit a student complaint. Atlanta Metropolitan State College is committed to maintaining a student safe and customer friendly environment in which complaints are addressed in a prompt and fair manner. This AMSC Complaints and Appeals webpage provides a place to submit a formal, written complaints. The more information that you can provide, the better the College can serve you. All student complaints/grievances should be initiated by completing and submitting the

AMSC Complaint/Grievance Policy

AMSC General Student Complaint/Grievance


Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) values feedback from its students and believes students should be able to discuss problems and express concerns to the College and free from duress or retaliation. AMSC is committed to providing students with an avenue to express complaints and to work with College officials toward amical resolutions. AMSC believes engaging in this process can also be an inherently valuable educational experience for students and can help prepare students to address issues in a professional productive manner after they leave the College.


This policy applies to Atlanta Metropolitan State College students. This policy does not apply to complaints that are covered by other applicable AMSC policies, such as,

  • Complaints about sex assault, harassment and/or retaliation are handled in accordance with the AMSC Sexual Misconduct Policy (link below) and corresponding procedures.
  • Complaints about student misconduct in violation of AMSC Student Code of Conduct are handled in accordance with the AMSC Student Conduct Policy and corresponding procedures.

This policy does not displace and is not intended to supplant other policies and procedures applicable to the handling of a studenta€?s complaint. For example, a complaint about a grade should still be handled via the academic grade appeal process, a financial aid related complaint should still be addressed to the Financial Aid Office, etc.

General Complaint Procedures

  1. If an informal resolution of the studenta€?s complaint cannot be accomplished, or if the complaint is about the supervisor or responsible staff member for the area, the student should Click here for a complete description of the College's policy and procedures regarding sexual misconduct complaints.

    Grade Appeals

    Click here for the Grade Appeal process.

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